eat [ēt]
ate [āt; ] Brit usually [ et] eaten [ēt′'n] eating [ME eten < OE etan, akin to Ger essen < IE base * ed-, to eat > L edere, Gr edmenai]
1. to put (food) in the mouth, chew if necessary, and swallow
2. to use up, devour, destroy, or waste as by eating; consume or ravage: usually with away or up
3. to penetrate and destroy, as acid does; corrode
4. to make by or as by eating [the acid ate holes in the cloth]
5. to bring into a specified condition by eating [to eat oneself sick]
6. Informal to absorb (a financial loss); accept responsibility for losses resulting from (unsold goods, bad debts, etc.)
7. Slang to worry or bother [what's eating him?]
8. [Vulgar Slang] to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on
1. to eat food; have a meal or meals
2. to destroy or use up something gradually: often with into
eat one's words
to retract something said earlier
☆ eat out
1. to have a meal in a restaurant
2. Slang to reprimand
eat up
1. to consume all of
2. Informal to respond to with avid, uncritical interest or delight

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